Landscape analyses and systems assessments are critical elements of strategic planning. Landscape analyses help organizations identify factors, patterns, processes, linkages, stakeholders, and contexts that may impact organizational activities, and describe organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that might impede or facilitate outcomes. Systems assessments describe and evaluate the building blocks that support the systems in which an organization’s activities will take place. In health systems, these building blocks include governance, financing, service delivery, human resources, supply chain, and information systems. Global Health Insights has delivered a number of landscape analyses and systems assessments designed to help clients’ strategic planning efforts.

Project Spotlight:
Global Health Insights teamed with the Product Development Partnerships (PDP) Access Steering Committee to study access timelines for new drugs and vaccines for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and their optimization. The landscape analysis focused on: a) the series of activities necessary to ensure a new product reaches the end user in LMICs; b) the sequencing of and dependencies between these activities; c) the degree to which such activities are time sensitive; and d) the points at which timelines might be compressed to speed up access. The study involved interviews with stakeholders from PDPs, pharmaceutical companies, and key PDP donors—all of whom had experience with the development and/or commercialization of drugs and vaccines. As part of the white paper produced for the PDP Access Steering Committee, Global Health Insights created sample Gantt chart timelines for new drugs and vaccines for LMICs.