Literature reviews involve selecting, evaluating, reading, describing, and analyzing a body of information in order to better understand trends and themes. Literature reviews can be done systematically or narratively. Global Health Insights has carried out systematic and narrative literature reviews on behalf of clients in order to support the triangulation of evidence, the creation of advocacy pieces, and the development of research questions.

Project Spotlight:
For Save the Children Fund, U.K., Global Health Insights conducted a comprehensive narrative review of the literature to identify the financial, economic, and social barriers to poor children’s health care utilization in low-income and select middle-income countries. As part of the research, a typology of barriers was developed and analysis was conducted on policy responses to these barriers. Global Health Insights produced a report for Save the Children Fund, U.K., called A Road Less Travelled: Economic and Social Barriers to Poor Children’s Health Care Utilization in Developing and Transitional Countries. The organization’s Advocacy and Media teams used the report to develop a briefing paper, with a forward by Mary Robinson, which they distributed at the 61st World Health Assembly in 2008.